Running Week in Review, 16 August 2015   2 comments

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2015-08-16 run week chart

Mileage continues to fall off ahead of the Bank Holiday gigantic runs. The week ended on 44.6 with these daily distances:

Monday: 13.5 (London rock and reggae sight seeing)
Tuesday: 6.4 (standard-ish commuter run home)
Wednesday: 6.3 (Botley Road, Port Meadow, Woodstock Road)
Thursday: 2.8 (GPS resolution test patterns in the University Parks)
Friday: nothing, nada, zip, zilch, bupkes
Saturday: 8.0 (Ye Magyck Roundabout)
Sunday: 6.66 (actually, 7.6 but went through 6.66 to get there…Celebrating Christadelphian ‘No Bible Day’):

Christadelphians Flying Without A Map

The Monday run was a treat and merited its own write up, here. Tuesday and Wednesday were fairly unimpressive efforts but pleasant enough trots. Thursday was rainy but I had a rest day on tap so anything extra was entirely off piste; I decided to go out and do the grid runs to see if I need to expand my drawing palette…the results for the University Parks football pitch I have been using look like this:

2015-08-13 UParks GPS grids

It’s actually more obvious a problem with the footpaths but there are some obvious deviations from actual path (I followed either chalk lines or mown borders a lot of the way).  My drawing art requires a larger canvas, I reckon.  This turned up as a problem again as I tried to draw an occultist’s pentangle in celebration of the Christadelphians finally eschewing the Bible (see above).  I started the Saturday run by going to the Magic Roundabout to draw the Satanic symbol, circumnavigating Britain’s most evil intersection by touching each of the constituent roundabouts and then tracing the star between each whilst dodging traffic to stand in their centers.  Well, it’s the thought that counts:

2015-08-15 Magyck Roundabout pentangle


The week finished, as it does, with Sunday and to make up for the failed pentangle I ran 6.66 miles (then a little more to get home).  With the Bank Holiday Weekend approaching, even I have to acknowledge that these are the Last Days, for the Day of Judgement looms less than two weeks from now.


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