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Greyhound Trowbridge sign


The Greyhound is a relatively rare find, these days: a real local.  I love the times you walk into a crowded bar and, without a change in noise level or angle of view or cocking of an ear you can tell that you are the first new arrival to the pub in the last twenty years.  Still stinky, of course, I decided to leave the hall of excited Man U supporters to their televised and wandered outside with my cloudy cider.

Alone in the garden for a few sips, the house reminded me of long closed dives in Atlanta like the White Dot (video link here, article from Slim Chance and the Convicts here, although the place was more about professional drinking than weird Midtown street folks).  And, soon enough, I was joined by curious or bored individuals like I would have been back home should I have wandered in new or having been away for a couple of weeks (long enough for everyone to forget you ever existed).  In the next half hour I had three of the funniest and friendliest conversations I’ve had in months, none of which I’ll transcribe lest it look like I’m taking the piss.  And, the pub does live music on a regular basis (note to self in the event I ever find myself overnighting in Trowbridge).

Use this map to find it (and nearby pubs and write-ups).

Greyhound Trowbridge


Posted August 23, 2015 by Drunken Bunny in Pubs

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