Running Week in Review: 23 August 2015   2 comments

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2015-08-23 run week chart

Monday:  6.0 miles
Tuesday:  2.9
Wednesday:  7.5
Thursday:  7.9
Friday:  rest
Saturday:  9.1
Sunday:  3.5  (total on the week: 36.9 miles)

Was in sort of a running depression at the start of the week.  The taper is in full swing yet I still felt sore on my runs and was harbouring all sorts of doubts about my preparations for the really large mileage planned next weekend…overtraining, undertraining, or maybe nothing that could really count as training?  Oh, well, at least the feasting that comes with the tapering is good.

Monday and Tuesday were days off work hanging out in Swindon with a bike ride and a new pub thrown in for good measure.  Wednesday and Thursday I managed commuter runs (one each direction) from/to work despite the foul weather (just pissing down rain).  Friday was scheduled as rest, and so it was…blessed, lazy, rest after the slow, aching climb up the hill to Old Town at the end of the short work week.

Then, for a planned 6 miler on Saturday I decided to do Trowbridge to Bradford-on-Avon and back on a route that would only work out to 6½ miles done straight.  Within a mile I realised my glycogen swollen legs felt light and free and I am pretty sure I could have managed 6 minute miles out to the hill just before the George if I had wanted to.  The sun was warm, the light breeze seemed always at my back, and there were moments (despite the Delbert McClinton discography I was listening to) where the world crystallized and fell away…these are the instances I really love about running and yet they are so transient: as soon as you notice them, they disappear.  Me and Jackie often joke that this is the essence of Zen but I really feel like it is a quantum observation effect; or, to be fair, I’ve done a lot of drugs in the past and I drink copious quantities of legal poisons so it may just be brain damage.

2015-08-22 Bradford-on-Avon loop


Anyway, the day was just too pleasant to limit the run and I got a few extra miles in just touring the two towns and turning the early afternoon into a mini pub crawl with stops at the Castle Inn, then after a quick snack the Lamb Inn, and the Greyhound before heading home.

2015-08-22 Trowbridge loops

Sunday came with the return of the torrential rains and marked the beginning of the week that should end big.  Until the event next weekend, my longest scheduled trot is for 3 miles as it was, today…but there’s no reason to get dogmatic about it.





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