Star Fish Bar, Trowbridge, Wilshire   3 comments

Star Fish Bar Trowbridge cod and closed crown

It was a mad dash from the Castle Inn above Bradford-on-Avon but I was sure I had time to wolf down a chunk of fish from the Star Fish Bar before stopping in the Crown for a rapid pint, and as luck would have it both were in sight from the corner at the far end of the street from my bus stop.  Result!

The fish was delightful but I have been ravenous this past week despite my weekly mileage dropping from 70-80 down to around 40.  I was nearly half-finished with it as I sidled up to the Crown to see the dust and debris of a pub that has been closed for months.  Shit.  I really needed something to wash down the lunch, but the nearest ‘new’ [to the blog] pub was the far side of town but the bus was in 10 minutes.  Or, an hour and ten minutes, I wisely thought, and with that I inhaled the last succulent bites and ran off toward some more pubs, the Lamb and the Greyhound.


Star Fish Bar Trowbridge

(Note: this post is a continuation of the 2014 Chippy Challenge, with all related entries linked to this map)


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