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Euston Tap London

I’ve seen these structures for years but just assumed they were some odd Victorian remnant that survived the Blitz and urban renewal (such as the adjacent monstrosity that is the new Euston Station).  But, no…not only are these the original gate houses for the station but now house the Euston Tap, one of the most fantastic real ale and cider venues in Greater London (keeping in mind that the Bree Louise sits just around the corner).

Euston Tap London beers

Choose the ale side, as did I, or brave the bus traffic to get to the cider house but do yourself a favour and make this a stop on your next London visit.  The porch is grand for people watching, too, but the house draws in a steady crowd so don’t count on a quiet idyll.

I harvested a porter (one of about 8 of 28 cask/keg beers on offer) from the lads manning the copper sink and sat at a solitary table on the porch; soon enough, I found myself surrounded by a bunch of Man City supporters down from the North for a night of drinking ahead of the trip slightly north the next day to Watford…the sort of neckless footie fans that seem menacing enough sober: barrel-shaped, square-headed (except where truncheon dents are visible), and each at least 20 stone if they are a pound.  Turned out to be lovely lads, and Watford is probably still standing since the Mancusians’ team carried the day.

As if you couldn’t find it, here’s a map link.

Euston Tap London cider side


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