George and Dragon, Wendover, Buckinghamshire   4 comments

George and Dragon Wendover sign

The Run was going well but I made a late decision not to add mileage by going to the Pack Horse (my first choice) and instead ran across the intersection from whence the Ridgeway emerged at about 11 miles to hit the nearby George and Dragon, a 16th century coaching inn with all the trimmings.

The aroma was intoxicating: it was also a Thai restaurant and they run a tempting lunch special but I was on race-drinking time and needn’t linger.  More is the pity as the pub is properly pubby with weird items all over the walls and drunken fellows watching the footie and ancient timbers holding the whole place up and 5 good ales on the pumps and more as well.  C’est la vie.

Draining the last of my pint I spotted the Diarrhea Duo (see the Ridgeway Challenge for an explanation) dashing for the shitter.  What did THOSE guys eat?

Map link here.

George and Dragon Wendover



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