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Greyhound Wigginton sign

Only four pints into the day, I climbed the hill back to Wigginton from the King’s Arms fairly fresh and light of foot but, as it is fairly steep to come through the Tring Park the way I did, I felt hamstrings cramping and a tightness in my back and shoulders that needed treatment.  Back in my room at the Greyhound, I tried some mild stretching then went into the pub for some, erm, liniment in the form of a pint of Black Sheep Bitter and continued the nutritional supplements (started at Wilson’s) by ordering an utterly delicious ½ pound burger with blue cheese and bacon and even more sublime chips than I got at the fish bar.

Hemp Lane Wigginton Herts

I thought it was a good sign that my approach to the bar earlier in the day involved a trip down Hemp Lane.  I never expect much from a room in a pub (especially one so reasonably priced), so this one was a great surprise: clean, stylish, and a big bathroom (the only drawback being the water pressure).  I was in there the night before the Ridgeway Challenge, an 86 mile A-to-B bit of insanity I had been prepping for since January and needed to be kind of close to the shuttle pick up point the next morning.

Greyhound Wigginton backdoor

The pub was busy — even raucous — at night but the rooms are off the dining area and fairly well sound proofed.  In the morning, I grabbed a few sweet snacks from the continental breakfast spread and greeted my next door neighbours from number 2 as they returned from their jog.  “Nice running out these parts?” I asked, banally.  “Beautiful but a tad hilly.  Do you run?” Mr Neighbour politely inquired.  “Not much, really.  I’ve got a bit of a jog planned today, though.”

A bit out of the way, so here’s a map link.

Greyhound Wigginton


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