Kings Arms, Tring, Hertfordshire   2 comments

Kings Arms Tring sign

The route back to the Greyhound from the Anchor involved passing the King’s Arms which was the only pub I had shortlisted before my journey.  Operating continuously since the 1830s save for a couple of years when its future looked dire from 1979-81, it is a proper alehouse down to serving beer garden customers through a window on the bar (why make them stumble in?) and having an ever-changing trio of blowhards talking bollocks at the bar (it may be more, but while I sat there a one-in, one-out policy seemed to be in place).

Kings Arms Tring bar

I arrived a few minutes after opening and there were 10-15 people in the garden as well as the chorus at the bar.  The population grew at a rate of about 1 every 3 minutes and the din was grand.  The house was having its annual beer festival starting the next day so I imagine the crowd would be enormous (and from the regular choice of beer, the selection mouth-watering).

Here’s a map link.

Kings Arms Tring


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