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Robin Hood Tring sign


I didn’t recon the area ahead of the trip.  Instead a cursory glance at a street map convinced me Wigginton, where I was bunking the night before the race, was close enough to Tring (and Tring, in turn, close enough to Tring Station where my ride to the start in the morning would be) to have a relaxing stroll into town for a few race-eve beers.  Turns out the Wigginton/Tring/Station equilateral triangle is roughly 2 miles on edge but traversed by curvy roads to accommodate the mountain that Wigginton sits atop.  So much for storing energy (I wound up with 8½ miles of hill walking and light jogging before returning to my room).


Robin Hood Tring garden

Just as I got into Tring, the Robin Hood emerged, blessedly and quite literally, from beneath a busy roundabout (the traffic is horrendous here) as the High Street has risen over the five centuries since the pub first opened.  A short dash between a lorry and a vintage Jag then in front of a Morris Minor and I was inside the multi-tiered old inn with amber stained wood floors, panelling and ceilings.  I got a pint of Oliver’s Island which was thin of mouth and devoid of flavour and a massive disappointment.

Robin Hood Tring lady in the fountain

The weather kept alternating between spectacularly sunny and ominously overcast but I wanted the great outdoors so headed to the smokers’ lounge/beer garden.  Much more modern than the interior, this area fell into the trap of most modern add-ons by being hideous, as well.  Ironically, the speakers were not turned on out here so I could just pick out the Classic Rock hits playing inside (Springsteen, Zeppelin…you know the drill).

I think a lot more could be done to this pub than what has been done to it.  I don’t feel like I should tell them their business, but I, a table of three guys, and two old ladies with cups of tea were the only punters at 5pm on a Friday before a Bank Holiday weekend.

It’s here, on this map link.

Robin Hood Tring


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