Bull, Streatley, Oxfordshire   2 comments

Bull Streatley sign


“This should be interesting,” I said to myself whilst gazing upon the sign for the Bull. But, inside it was just a standard pub.  “From the sign, I thought it was going to be a gay leather bar…how disappointing,” I told my colleagues/race support team, then surveying the table I added, “ooooo…beer! Is that for me?”

They were getting some dessert after their dinner back at the Perch and Pike and while I don’t usually go for sweets after noon I was now 44 miles into a very badly judged race and would have inhaled the lot had they all just looked away for a moment.

The building was great (guessing 16th C) and the Streatley Best was perfect in body and composition which is more than I can say for myself at that point.

This was the last pub on the route but the team had one more treat in store at Bury Down checkpoint: fish, chips, and a bottle of Loose Cannon Gunner’s Gold. I need only traverse the darkened 8.5 miles of mostly farm tracks to get there.

Map link here.

Bull Streatley


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