Perch and Pike, South Stoke, Oxfordshire   3 comments

Perch and Pike South Stoke

The run continued from the Plough and there were a variety of new friends met along the way through the checkpoint at Lewknor which marked the first full marathon of the run and deep into South Oxfordshire along the Thames eventually emerging in the village of South Stoke as the sun was setting, about 40 miles along the route. I paused in the rain and encroaching darkness to take this lousy photo of the Perch and Pike then rounded the porch to be greeted by one of the professors and a post-doc that I work for and a former grad student for the main professor I work for. And, they had a Courage Best (in a Brakspear glass…tsk) waiting for me.

“You’re a bit ahead of schedule. We just sat down and thought you’d be ages.” He wasn’t being cruel; this was entirely based on my pace predictions and it served to put me back on track…slow down, don’t get in a hurry: this isn’t a marathon, it’s a little more than three of them.  I started the deceleration then by lingering over the beer for about twenty minutes.

We caught up on the days events and they cheered my running companions as they passed the decks. I spotted the woman who earlier said she thought the beer had given me wings having passed up my offer of a pint at the Plough earlier still. “Hey, you’re supposed to have a pint with me.”

She flinched and picked up the pace a bit. I couldn’t hear what she was saying but it was probably something like, “don’t look, it’s that mad, drunken American I was telling you about.”

Here’s a map link.


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