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Plough Cadsden

“Ooo…this is what I was looking for,” I told my temporary running partner, who chuckled politely as I ran ahead for a photo of the Plough before heading for the door.

“You’re really going in?” she asked as she caught up.

“Where are my manners?  Fancy a quick one?” I asked with a raised eyebrow and pantomime point at the door, but she gave a wide-eyed look that just screamed, hey, your funeral, buddy.  We were then about 16 miles into the Ridgeway Challenge with 70 to go so it would be fair enough to say we had all signed our own death warrants.

Plough Cadsden dining2

It was close to 3pm and I had already hit the George and Dragon and the Red Lion which betrayed my actual pace.  I caught up to her again in 15 miles and she remarked that the pint must have “given me wings.”

Actually, the pint did work wonders for me.  Brakspear (which I inadvertantly quaffed two more times this evening) is a wonderful beer: dry and dark with an earthy, mineral mouth.  The pub, too, was a pleasant find.  Country pubs these days tend to focus more on food than drink, a fact dictated by their remote locations and strict drink/drive laws.  This one, too, appears to have a large dining zone but as it is near a village and very close to a car park for the Ridgeway National Trail it seems to actually focus on the drinks side of the hospitality business.

I could hear the cohorts passing and the thought of staying put was tempting.  A woman emerged from the loo and gave a wry smile before heading back to her race (we met again just before the 3rd checkpoint and later I spotted her looking the worse for wear at the midpoint feeding station).  I gulped half the remaining beer with the intention to head back out but the lazy man in me spotted interesting brick work and decorations in the house and we decided to savour our beverage.

That is, until the Diarrhoea Duo* appeared at the door, clenching and dashing for the head.  Okay, I thought, the pacers are here.

*These poor guys…they appeared to make a bad dietary choice the previous evening.  This was the 3rd pub we’ve crossed paths on their frantic way to the toilet AFTER I first spotted them soiling a hedge in the first 5 miles.

Here’s a map link.

Plough Cadsden bar



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