Keith Moon, 7 September 1978   3 comments

Keith Moon not to be taken away

Where do you have a drink to commemorate the passing of one of your heroes?  Keith Moon died at just 32 years old on this date (7th September) 1978 and it affects me still today, down to charting a run (last month) past the very location he expired.

Moon's DC


I had just mentioned, last night, that today would be the anniversary when right there on tele was the man himself in a bit part on “That’ll Be The Day,” a funny little movie from 1973 that we had recorded a couple of weeks ago without knowing he or Ringo Starr had anything to do with it…sometimes a nudge is as good as a wink.  I guess I could have done the drinking at Pembroke College Oxford but I felt compelled to see inside the actual venue and as the Locarno (where The Who performed 28 October 1965, nearly 50 years ago) sits derelict like a Highgate Cemetery mausoleum only a few hundred meters from my house, a quick morning trip to spill and swallow some bourbon on hallowed ground seemed sensible.  Rest, although I doubt in peace.

Locarno rip


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