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Black Bull Ruislip sign

My run continued from Southall, and the traffic noise abated and the houses became better maintained and a little larger as I approached RAF Northolt on my way to Ruislip.  Ducking down a street to inspect the neighbourhoods (largely the function of the run, today), I found what reminded me of the more genteel parts of the Decatur, Georgia I remember growing up near back in the 1970’s…civilised and quite separate from the megacity it is tethered to a few miles away.

Emerging on Victoria Road, I spotted the gorgeous 1930’s estate pub The Black Bull and was compelled to see what I could of its denizens.  A large Irish kid was tending the bar and greeted me warmly, serving up a smokily malted Caledonia Deuchar’s without commenting on my sweaty shirt or the fact that I’m a bleeding foreigner.  Silly me, I reckoned at first that it was due to the RAF base (they will have spent decades listening to Americans around these parts); but, the bar conversations down the opposite corner focused on Irish partition and reunification (Ireland/Northern Ireland, not Ireland/UK).  Then, the chef, a young man in cooking checks, appeared in a doorway speaking some mumbo-jumbo to no one in particular using what I can only describe as the secret language of the leprechauns.  The house (and I’ll assume the buurt) is overrun with paddies!  I’m home!

There’s a bit of pride in this house, as well.  The barman was actually taking bottles down, one-by-one, and polishing them to a gleam before replacing them on the shelf.  He complained that it was slow, today, but it was 2pm on a Tuesday afternoon and there were a couple of ladies polishing off a bottle of red and a bottle of white, the three old IRA operatives down the corner, and three or four others that walked in (obviously avoiding the curse of the Black Bull for those who dare drive their vehicles to the pub).

Here’s a map link.


Black Bull Ruislip



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