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Dismaland was better than I had hoped for, which is to say it was funny and bewildering in varying measures roughly equal over the whole experience.  I’m no art critic but I know what I like and a lot of it was here.  This post will, therefore, be mostly made up of pictures and a little bit of video all with minimal narration.  Enjoy.

Dismaland 01

Above we see the approach to the site, an old lido on the mud beach of Weston-super-Mare.  Next, there’s the queue gates made of enough of the sort of cattle chute crowd controls that could hold four times the attendance.  This one was for the advance ticket holders; there was similar for the walk-up attendees.

Dismaland 02

There was real security, but then there were the jobsworths that were doing it for the Park.  Rude, humourless, hilarious…”so, just you here today?” mine asked.  I nodded, dejectedly.  “So, no friends, huh?”  I answered, honestly if not completely enough, “my wife just left me to go home to her mother in the States…I didn’t want to be alone but I don’t want to see anyone I know.  Y’know?  Surely, you can relate.”  No smile but I saw a flash of panic in his eyes then, as he handed my papers back he added, “you probably deserve it.”  This was going well already.

Weston-super-Mare is overrun with pensioners midweek when school is in session so to avoid them and the paraplegics that seemed to be having a day out, as well, I went directly to the rooftop bar (that write up to post by 13 September) which was a good place to survey the spectacle.

Dismaland 07

The Punch and Judy is all about spousal abuse with Judy constantly taking him back: “he didn’t mean it, it was just the drink.”  About 10 really uncomfortable minutes there.

Dismaland 05


Dismaland 23

Dismaland 22

Great music here, and you get to make the puppets dance:

Dismaland 04

As seen from ground level:

Dismaland 10


I’ve lived in this neighbourhood:

Dismaland 09


R2D2 converted to cooking hob:


Dismaland 11

If your kids didn’t budget well, let them learn one of life’s lessons:


Dismaland 12 Dismaland 13


There were more treats for the kids than the Pocket Money Loans.  Check out the groovy rides:

Dismaland 16

This guy actually put a coin in the one with the netted porpoise:

Dismaland 24


Owl and the Pussycat:


Dismaland 38


Dismaland 53

The Merry-Go-Round looked straight up and normal till this guy circled around (Americans, note: last year we had a bit of a horsemeat scandal with lot’s of it turning up in frozen lasagna):

Dismaland 41


One tent shaped vaguely like EPCOT Center had the socialist, union, and anti-fascism materials:

Dismaland 21


Dismaland 20


Dismaland 19


Dismaland 18


Dismaland 17


Who doesn’t like miniature golf, brought to you by petrochemicals?


Dismaland 15


There were other games like Hook the Oil Soaked Waterfowl:

Dismaland 26

The guy running this next stand was awesome.  Sullen and wordless, he would occasionally answer questions by jerking a thumb toward the sign that says you get two ping-pong balls to throw at the huge anvils for £2.  One couple gave him the price and he threw their coins out in the dirt about 20 feet away, scowling.


Dismaland 40

The indoor art exhibits alone would have kept you busy for hours and were worth the price of admission even without the glorious chaos outside.

Dismaland 35

One tent had a bit of Damien Hirst stuff (I’m not a big fan, but some of this was interesting and it was a brief stop ahead of the really large collections to come:

Dismaland 29


Dismaland 30


Dismaland 31


Dismaland 33


From there, pass the monster trucks:

Dismaland 28

And a Banksy bit:

Dismaland 27

To get into an exhibit of around a hundred paintings and other displays:

Dismaland 36


Just off to the right from Death riding around in a dodge ’em car while “Staying Alive” played there was this 3-D corporate fetus:


Dismaland 42

Dismaland 43


Dismaland 44


A variety of shoes with paw-print bottoms, for the beach (and above the shoe rack a bunch of photos of the results out on the mud beach):

Dismaland 45

Dismaland 49

Good model of the city after an incident.  No civilians anywhere…just coppers:

Dismaland 54

The Park was well suited to food and drink with 3 bars, a pizza tent, a falafel place:

Dismaland 46

and an ice cream truck (it really is open on the other side):

Dismaland 52

Every day they ceremonially light the fire with one of the novels by Weston-super-Mare native, perjurer, and disgraced member of the House of Lords, Jeffrey Archer:

Dismaland 51


Some of the attendees were just thick…she couldn’t even work the Selfie Booth without help:


Dismaland 48

A quick trip to the PortaLoo and you might find an amateur addition:

Dismaland 47

But, you eventually have to leave through the gift shop (the t-shirts will start to appear at thrift stores soon…fuck the fucking fuckers, indeed):

Dismaland 50

As I left, a woman in crappy mouse ears said, in monotone, “Have a Dismal day, don’t come back.”

Here’s a link to the video clips I took while there in case they don’t play, below.  If it does, there’s the Astronaut Caravan Ride, the model boats you can steer around, a visit to the Castle where the paparazzi are working the death of the fairy princess when the pumpkin carriage wrecked, some of the experimental video theatre, and Death takes a Holiday:



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