Edinboro Castle, Camden, London   3 comments

Edinboro Castle Camden sign

I already wanted to hate the Edinboro Castle as a place that would welcome a group of hashers dressed in school uniforms, but the barman was so friendly.  “How’s your day been?” he asked while filling a glass with cloudy cider, one of several to choose from.

“Aaaach, y’know…cold, hectic, alcoholic.”
“Well, then, this cider should set you right.”
“It’s worth a try…what could it hurt.”

Edinboro Castle Camden hipster

The venue redeemed, I wandered out to the garden to enjoy the sun which had eluded me throughout the first runs of the day, out in the northwest reaches of the Borough of Ealing.  Then, as quickly, it fell to shit, again.

Fucking hipsters.  Why isn’t there legislation to protect us from hipsters?  Sure, they are assumed to be harmless and to be fair, the guy in the photo really only has the beard to fall back on; but, without being able to hear what ever bloviation he was spewing (despite his using a slightly elevated tone in a vain attempt to let the rest of us hear his ironic brilliance), the cadence and his affected body language raised my blood pressure.

Edinboro Castle Camden cow

I had spotted the half arrows for the evening’s hash on the way into the pub; so, despite finding fuck-all in Regents Park on the way over, it was definitely pre-set and fair game for the G-Had.  I had planned on using flour to alter the trail and didn’t bring any chalk nor could I find a skip in which to dig for plasterboard.  I asked the second bartender if she had any chalk and initially she said no but then I pointed out the cow outside and she helpfully found me enough to do my work.

“What do you need it for?”
“Finishing up the Hash House Harriers trail.”
“Oh, you’re part of them? Well, see you later, then.”

Don’t count on it, love.

Here’s a map link.

Edinboro Castle Camden



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