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Plough Portishead sign

Scanning the street for a chippy or other fast food place, I spotted the Plough but thought it was just a restaurant from the façade until I inspected closer and saw the warnings of doom for any that dare enter through these portals:

Plough Portishead you've been warned

Inside, it was much like a bar back home: wood-paneled, cheery barmaid chatting to some gloomy guy off to the side, and Jim Morrison blaring out of the juke box.

Plough Portishead lounge

It does look like it could be a rowdy bar but the couple shooting billiards (out of frame necking during my photograph) seemed civilised or, rather, far too loaded to be otherwise. “Where’s yer missus? You should bring her around,” the dude suggested.
“She’s gone back to the States for a few weeks. That’s how I come to be drinking cider in Portishead on a Wednesday.”
Stunned for a moment, he asked, “Is that an American accent?”
I nodded, and he asked what I wanted to hear on the jukebox now that the Doors had finished.
“Dunno…Sublime?” Met with a blank look, I tried, “Horton Heat?”
“What’s that?”
“You know what, the Doors rule.  Let’s have some Doors.”
“The Doors rule. That’s an American that is,” he said as “Love Me Two Times” kicked in. Then, “Where’s yer missus?”
“Where’s that?”
“Down south. There was an Olympics there.”
“Oh? You should bring her around.”

Map linked here.

Plough Portishead


Posted September 14, 2015 by Drunken Bunny in Pubs

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