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Poacher Portishead sign

There were two buses 15 minutes apart with one ready to go then another an hour after the second one.  I had seen the coastline and the ridge and hills on my run, which just finished, but none of the town so, needing to change into dry kit anyway, I went walkabout eventually stumbling on the Poacher, a fine 350 year old structure.  And, there was drink to be had inside!

West country pubs are good for cider and I got a nice, dry, cloudy one from a lad tending the taps then struggled to make my accent understood as I asked for the toilet so I could change.  On my return, the population of the bar and, indeed, the building had doubled: steak night, and the special sounded tempting enough but I didn’t think I could do that and still make the journey to Bristol (and, once there, catch the last train to Swindon).

Instead, I listened to some blowhard spout off about cider classifications and tasting notes.  What was great about his lecture to the patient landlord and my server was that he was using industrial ciders like Strongbow as his examples.  Nothing wrong with Strongbow, mind, but talking shit like, “Oooo-errr-yes, yer Bulmers is dryer than that Magners but not so much as yer Strongbow…when you get yer foreign tourists in here, they’ll want to know that, they will.”  I love bar jackasses.

Map linked here.

Poacher Portishead


Posted September 14, 2015 by Drunken Bunny in Pubs

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