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Red Lion Drayton sign

“I know this guy. He didn’t used to have a beard. Don’t I know you?” The drunk at the end of the bar was trying to get the attention of the young guy ahead of me at the bar.

“I’m not sure I want to answer that,” the guy replied more to me than the old fart.
“Sure, we used to live near your mother, didn’t we?”
“I don’t know. Maybe. The beer makes me forget.”
“It’ll do that to you,” the drunk agreed but by now the guy was carrying his pints out to the garden at speed.


Red Lion Drayton beer

I followed along with mine, still sweating heavily from the run to the Red Lion in Drayton from Abingdon. I’ve been drinking a bit of American craft beer lately but they are all roughly similar one to another but they are easy to sink when you are trying to cool off. It was a good afternoon out but very humid and this pint was short work, indeed, and I donned my pack and headed for the gate, pausing for a moment by the guy and his buddy.

“Don’t I know you?”
“Oh, please don’t start.”

The beer helps you forget.

Here’s a map link.

Red Lion Drayton


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