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Adventurer Oxford sign

The Adventurer used to be the Honey Pot but it is a very different bar, now.  My first visit was at 4:15 on a Friday but they don’t open till 4:30 so I walked around the block and spent some time in the cemetery of St Thomas the Martyr where I spotted a collection of bee hives.  Odd.

beehives in cemetery at St Thomas the Martyr Oxford

Back to the pub as the doors opened I instantly liked the bar.  I was tempted by the happy hour prices on the cocktails, too, but went for a pint of Purity Mad Goose, instead, and took up residence in one of the uncomfortable seats by the windows.

Adventurer Oxford bar

The decor (such as the uncomfortable chairs) is a hodgepodge of outdoorsman related equipment and other artefacts.  One particularly odd choice was a framed page from my hometown paper:

Adventurer Oxford Atlanta Journal

That’s two cocktail bars in two days.  Oxford is overrun with these, now, but The Adventurer isn’t half bad.

[Update 28 February 2017: been closed a while and there’s a bunch of hoarding around it…looks like it is going residential but here’s a map should you want to have a look for yourself, sometime.]

Adventurer Oxford


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