King’s Head and Bell, Abingdon, Oxfordshire   Leave a comment

King's Head and Bell Abingdon old sign


The King’s Head and Bell is as old (maybe older than) the Old Anchor but the vibe is decidedly more yuppie.  Granted, it is Abingdon yuppie and therefore very, very drunk but less comic.  You know: less likely to poop their pants but only because that would be outside the terms of the lease agreement on the Jag.

King's Head and Bell Abingdon garden

Don’t get me wrong…the place is very pleasant and the pint of porter I had was brilliant: opaque black and deep in mocha and bitter coffee flavours.  The garden is absolutely lovely and it was a good evening for hanging out (and, just ahead of the after work crowds).  The menu looks great, too.

Lingering over the pint (I had an hour till the next bus), I started thinking about brewing a batch of porter this winter.  It would be my first of this variety, but I’ve seen a wide variety of malts to work into it.  Hmm, Abingdon is conducive to this sort of thing.  Here’s a map.

King's Head and Bell Abingdon



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