Narrows, Abingdon, Oxfordshire   1 comment

Narrows Abingdon

On the way to the bus, I spotted the telltale signs (literally, signs) that indicated a Wetherspoons sits behind them and there it was: The Narrows.  Named for the part of the High Street on which it sits, I discovered that it used to be the Post Office and had to wonder why they didn’t go with a postal theme.

The lighting design at the bar is a bit strange with long conductors leading down to bare, dim bulbs in high density (about one foot spacing between them and the heights varying by a couple of feet at most, one-to-the-next).  The effect is warm and even and very comfortable despite the modern furnishings in the huge space.

I went for another American ale and was once again pleased with the result.  That’s all.  I’m trying hard to avoid making a “large number of dim bulbs in here” joke.

Here’s a map.

Narrows Abingdon beer


Posted September 18, 2015 by Drunken Bunny in Pubs

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