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Plough Grateley sign

My hand was already swollen from re-socketing my pinky after the tumble a few miles back so when I got to the Plough I ordered a pint of cider — ice-cold, y’know — to hold against the wounded paw.  It seemed to help.

The pub is a proper country one and just lovely inside.  A Bob Marley song was playing when I came in, the Beatles after that and someone covering “Do You Want To Know A Secret” just after that.  Surprising choices for the kids in there (I was easily twice as old as anyone in the house).  They have live music, too.

With no one to talk to and the throbbing abated, I moved on to the Welcome Stranger, a few miles closer to the end of my run and easily the best pub of the day (which really isn’t saying as much as it should).

Here’s where to find it.

Plough Grateley



Posted September 19, 2015 by Drunken Bunny in Pubs

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