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Mill Salisbury

The Mill is a gorgeous building on the outside.  On the inside it is sort of sterile, like a business travelers’ hotel.  With shit music — the worst kind of boy band crimes against art you could ask for.  I took my pint from the boy band reject behind the bar and moved as far away from the tannoy as possible, which was to one of the picnic tables out front, down by the River Avon which flows over a triple weir at the bend creating a white noise buffer.

The Rugby World Cup will be going on by the time this publishes (a week after the visit…catching up).  Everyone has a rugby themed beer out, now.  This one is pretty good…hopped to a linseed oil bitterness and with dark malts and enough maltodextrose to give it a linseed oil-like viscosity.

Not too hidden, but here’s a map.

Mill Salisbury beer


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