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Welcome Stranger Kimpton sign


The Welcome Stranger was a welcome sight as my hand was swelling rapidly and I needed a break (no pun intended). I took the outdoors photos then headed in the door near the sign and soon found myself behind the bar. Ushered rapidly out and around the right way, I was soon sitting at the bar choosing between Betty Stoggs and Dorset Gold. I like Stoggs but had never tried the Gold and felt adventurous.





Welcome Stranger Kimpton beer


A few minutes later, some musicians appeared fresh from a wedding at the Kimpton church. After pleasantries and an interrogation as to who was getting hitched (everyone there knew the bride, a local girl), one of the guys started getting the round in.
1: “Betty Stoggs, please.” Calling out to one of the others, he asked his preference.
2: “Oh, Stoggs is good.”
1: “Another Stoggs, then. And for [another band member’s name]?”
2: “Oh, I think she’d like a Stoggs, too.”
1: “And, a Stoggs.” Another bandmate emerged from the loo. “What’ll you have?”
3: “Ooo, Stoggs I think.”
1: “One more Stoggs, please.”

The woman band mate was in conversation about her instrument, some bag pipes, then pulled these out of the case to show the interested party. Then, for the next 6-8 minutes she treated us to an impromptu performance (YouTube video should be embedded, here):

Next, a crowd on a charity walk-a-thon came through while 40 or so of their compatriots passed by. I followed the last of this lot out and weaved through the crowd on the narrow farm track leading out to the military training area we were all soon to cross.

Overall, this was one of the most pleasant pub experiences this year.  Here’s the location map.

Welcome Stranger Kimpton




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