Duck Inn, Laverstock, Wiltshire   2 comments

Duck Laverstock sign

The first indication I had found the Duck Inn was the instantly recognizable sculpture in the window.  After I shot the photo, I realized it was probably only recognizable to me because of a striking similarity to a duck I bought in Groningen 13 years ago:

Duck Laverstock window duck



Bizarre, but I think I was the exotic find of the day for the guys in the pub…they don’t seem to get a lot of Americans out here in the village and the pub is well tucked away on the edge of a wood.  It’s a Hopback house but despite an offering of 3 of their excellent brews, I took a chance on the guest ale.  While talking about American football with the bartender (who spent some time in Texas a few years ago), I spotted a sign similar to the Drunken Bunny logo but couldn’t break away from the chat to take a steady shot:


Duck Laverstock drunken duck

It was still early on a Sunday and there was a steady stream despite the cookers being under repairs, a testament to the quality of the craic.  Go see them, here.

Duck Laverstock



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