Village Free House, Salisbury, Wiltshire   2 comments

Village Free House Salisbury

The Village Free House is the shit.  After the dismal Mill (dis-Mill?), I was pleased to find the delightful Duck but reckoned my luck would end there.  Not at all the case as the Village lived up to everything the Reckless Engineer a few nights before posed as and ticked all my own bar boxes: seedy but friendly, great beer selection, and the gratuitous nudity was limited to photos of professional models and none of the fine, physical specimens attending in person:

Village Free House Salisbury gents calendar

Ii had a pint of Black Jesus because I like it but I knew that from ordering elsewhere because I liked the name (a point the next several customers pointed out, à la “ooo, I like that name but I think I’ll have…”).

I was speaking to one guy who was seated near a whippet that sprawled across the walkway to the toilets (I think the dog was just really relaxed, but it could well be some clever taxidermy) about the pub and he suggested the Cat Tavern, for comparison.  Turns out, that was where I was heading next, anyway.

Here’s the location.

Village Free House Salisbury sign



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