Cat Tavern, Salisbury, Wiltshire   3 comments

Cat Tavern Salisbury sign

Only marginally closer to the rail station than the Village sits its slightly darker and rougher cousin, the Cat Tavern.  I was in love with the place from the moment I entered.

Cat Tavern Salisbury bar

I didn’t notice the hole in the roof but was just shooting the clutter at the top of the shelves.  Gary (or Geoff) slapped me on the arm and demanded, “what are you taking a picture of that hole for?”  “There’s a hole?  I was taken by the clutter,” I responded with a sweeping arm movement.

“Oi, you’re an American? We like Americans,” Geoff (or Gary) piped in.
“Really? I don’t.”
They looked at each other and laughed and one said, “neither do we, really.”
My Black Rat arrived and Gary/Geoff/one of them commented, “good man, there, likes his cider.”

Cat Tavern Salisbury Gary and Geoff

So, over the course of the pint I let them in on the Endless Pub Crawl and they asked where I had been in town and I limited it to the day’s journey.  “Where to next?” and I told them the Bird In Hand.  “That’s been closed for years.”

“What’s good nearby, then?”

They looked at each other and then back to me and as one said, “Deacon’s.”

Here’s where the Cat lies.

Cat Tavern Salisbury


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3 responses to “Cat Tavern, Salisbury, Wiltshire

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  2. This place is a complete shit hole. Rude staff, no food, expensive beer and scary customers. Stay clear.

    [Editor’s note: This comment doesn’t compare at all to my experience … there were bags of peanuts available, the drink was comparably priced to other places on the same run, the bartender was a delight. A dive, indeed, but a local dive — perhaps you just need to stick to the tourist areas and gastropubs.]


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