Black Horse, East Hanney, Oxfordshire   1 comment

Black Horse East Hanney sign


There were clown effigies every 50 meters or so throughout East Hanney (and, I later discovered, West Hanney), some of them surprisingly realistic.  I find clowns creepy but not because they frighten me; they make me uncomfortable the way a stroke victim or someone with severe and deteriorating dementia does.  I think pity plays a large part in it, like when you see someone on a street corner in a soiled Robin costume holding up a sign for Dominos Pizza or a big cardboard finger pointing to some new condominiums (but you don’t see anyone in a Batman costume).


East Hanney clowns

The sign on the door of the Black Horse explained that the pub would not serve food (but only drinks) today due to clean-up after Hanneyfest.  Inside, I found a table of three that appeared to only be cleaning up their drinks and, after a short wait, the landlady appeared and served me a Bombardier Burning Gold ale.

I asked about the Hanneyfest and it sounded like a standard sort of fête around these parts.  Then I told her my feelings about clowns and she pointed out that it was 5 minutes till 3 (afternoon closing).

If you don’t have the clowns to guide you, try this map.

Black Horse East Hanney



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