Bay Tree, Grove, Oxfordshire   2 comments

Bay Tree Grove

My hasty retreat from the Black Horse took me to the closed-for-the-afternoon Plough in West Hanney then south toward Grove.  On a wooded trail between the towns, I heard loud, low-flying aircraft which eventually came into view: 6 Spitfires in formation.  Turns out there were 38 of these flying this day (15 Sept 2015) commemorating the Battle of Britain.  Lucky find.

The skies blackened and I could see sheets of rain falling a mile or two west.  An occasional drop fell on me and I picked up the pace certain I would not make the Bell (which I suspected — and much later confirmed — was also closed for the afternoon) before the storm caught up to me.

The Bay Tree was also on my map but it sounded more like a gastropub and I REALLY didn’t expect it to be open.  Turns out, the Bell is the gastro and the Bay Tree the more pubby of the two.  I ordered an IPA just as the deluge arrived.  Lucky find.  Don’t depend on luck, though: use this map.



Posted September 24, 2015 by Drunken Bunny in Pubs

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