Lord Nelson, Wantage, Oxfordshire   1 comment

Lord Nelson Wantage

The rain ceased and the sun reappeared and I jogged on from the Bay Tree toward Wantage and the clouds reappeared after about 15 minutes.  Damn.

Turning onto the road to Wantage town centre from the neighbourhood I was in, I spotted the Nelson across the road.  It looked like a sleepy little bar until I opened the door and realised it was, in fact, a TARDIS.  There were two levels of seating stretching back to the horizon (with one customer which made it look even more vast than if it had been empty).

I took an IPA out to the garden which is also much larger than you might think viewing it from the road.  I sat down and the heavens opened, of course.  Dashing back inside, I asked if there were any seats available inside as it just started raining.  A moment’s glare, then a cursory look around was followed by, “I don’t know.  If you’d like to wait at the bar I’ll see if something opens up.”  Funny girl.

Here’s the map.



Posted September 24, 2015 by Drunken Bunny in Pubs

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