Hope and Anchor, Midford, Somerset   1 comment

Hope and Anchor Midford sign

The Hope and Anchor has an entrance off the Two Tunnels trail but I was there 10 minutes too early and so ran on up the trail for a few minutes before returning. The skies had gone cloudy again and the air was thick with mist as I jogged down to the road to see the pub sign, snapping the photo just as the clouds opened and a torrent fell.

Hope and Anchor Midford Two Tunnels entrance


I seemed to surprise the landlady who, synchronous with me, did the slow watch-arm raise to check the time. It was 11:30 and twelve seconds by mine and at least that by hers as she looked up, smiled, and asked, “what would you like?”

Hope and Anchor Midford cider

“A cider, please,” then, realising there were several on offer, pointed to the Midford tap at the end. “The local one, I reckon.” Turned out a good choice, and I chased away the clouds with it out in the tiered beer garden before heading back into the tunnels toward the city.

This map might help.

Hope and Anchor Midford


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