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Hop Pole Bath

My internalized complaints about the Trowbridge House and its less-than-genteel <ahem> management came back to bite me on the ass as I found none of the pubs I thought would be nicer open and then wound up settling on the Hop Pole, more a restaurant than pub but, blessedly, also one of the brewery taps for Bath Ales.

I scanned the taps for something dark, but settled on a Gem. Some yuppie mums pushed their prams in behind me and ordered some lemonades. Loads of the suited ones came through for their reserved tables and I thought I had made a brash choice (and not just because the brewery’s dark, what I really wanted, came into focus as I cleared the sweat and rain from my glasses).

However, the bar area is mostly traffic-free and the music was a pleasant enough mix of safe pop (even bordering on elevator kitsch) and the bartender was friendly.  Main drag, Bath…find it here.

Hop Pole Bath bar


Posted September 27, 2015 by Drunken Bunny in Pubs

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