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Thief Bath

From outside, the Thief looked like I might have another Trowbridge House on my hands but they obviously are more interested in being hip and upscale like the Hop Pole a few blocks away. They fail at both due, largely, to the self-consciously hipster decor and staff attitudes. And, whenever hipster doofuses (doofi?) recognise that they actually are hipsters they tend to revel in it to a nauseating degree.

Thief Bath irony

It is so fucking annoying to have to shave regularly (or at all) but without doing so I tread the fine line between irony and slovenly and I don’t want to risk someone offering me entrance to a steam-punk themed ‘happening’ whatever-the-fuck these people are into.

Thief Bath irony 2

From the bar to the back of the lounge the house seems to mimic a fairly modern business hotel and they, in fact, run a B&B in the other half of the building (it is a fairly old coaching inn). But, the front windows are dominated by a couch lovingly distressed to appear as if harvested from the street after an eviction or some such. The other nod to irony was the free wifi hidden behind a password; “may I have the wifi password?” The waxed mustache replied, “that’s for customers only.”

I returned to my pint, certain I would remember this accurately enough that I needn’t upload the notes forthwith.

Map, here.


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