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Lookouts game pregame

During our stay, the Chattanooga Lookouts won the Sallie League championship almost entirely without the support of their fans. We were there for Game 3 versus the Biloxi Shockers, one of the most unfortunately named franchises in history.

Lookouts game Shockers hat

The Shockers’ fans actually did turn out and were rowdy from the start, dominating the stands with chants and song and stomping along. Not much new in the heckles, but I was amused by the girls down my row that called out a marching cadence everytime a Lookout struck out. “Left-right-left-right-left-right…” followed each of them back to the dugout.

Lookouts game on deck

It ended 2-0 and the rest of the stats seemed much more even than the game we watched deserved. The next night we were in Bristol for concerts by, among others, Delbert McClinton and Steve Earle but the Lookouts rallied to win that one 4-2 forcing Game 5 which they took via a grand slam, 4-0.

2015-09-19 Lookouts tickets

But, I managed to attend a professional baseball game for the first time since 2008 in Tucson. There’s not much I miss about the States, but this is one off that short list.

Lookouts game pitchers mound


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