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Okay, this is a bus stop in Estonia but as Simon and Garfunkel remind us: we've all come to look for a Murika

This is a bus stop in Estonia; but, as Simon and Garfunkel remind us: we’ve all come to look for a Murika


I haven’t been to the States since October 2010 and I already felt like a foreigner in my own country on THAT trip (but, to be fair, I have felt that way all my life to a greater or lesser extent).

I fully expected the kind of panic attack that Jackie had (when we returned from 2 years in Amsterdam in 2004) on a Kroger cereal aisle that stretched out to the vanishing horizon; it was after midnight and I was unable to focus on labeling overwhelmed as I was by the visual and aural assault that an American mega-grocery is when I heard her screaming out, “Bun. BUN! We’ve got to get out of here!  I’ve got to get out of here!”  I found her shivering in the middle of the aisle with the bag of cat food she had dropped at her feet.  Culture shock, eh?

Jackie heard gunfire in Scottdale (near Decatur) her second night here; I was staying with an old friend in Midtown Atlanta and heard it, twice, on my first night back; the night before, a kid got shot at the corner of 10th and Moreland by Grady High School a couple of blocks away.

None of that caused pause, but just after checking my bag at Heathrow I stopped by the Cafe Rouge to catch up on some interwebbing and was aurally assaulted by a dreadful American accent emanating from some mid-Western mom trying hard to be great to her 9-year-old daughter.  This was as much what I feared about going to the States…the likelihood that in a cacophony of grating voices I’d be reduced to the fetal position screaming, “SHUT THE FUCK UP YOU FREAKS!”

But, the panic didn’t come and I was pleasantly surprised that there were fewer bumper stickers to be seen although there were Confederate flags EVERYWHERE once I got out of the City.  True, the Christianity is stifling and pervasive but I was preparing for this for months, at this point, and so far none of it has been unbearable or weird.  And, the beer may be shit but it’s cheap, cold, and huge.

US culture shock giant beer

Then you ask why I don’t live here
Honey, how come you don’t move?
–Bob Dylan, “On The Road Again”

US culture shock giant cross



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