Wartime Panties   Leave a comment

Easily the best phrase of the trip to America came from the bat-shit crazy mother-in-law.  She was talking about the War (WW2), and how she and her cousin had factory jobs so were flush with cash on their day off and heading into town.

Another pertinent detail: this story comes from a woman with four children by four men, at least two of whom were married at the time and none of whom were married to her (although this disastrously happened with one of them, eventually).

Yet another pertinent detail: wartime rationing meant that elastic was at a premium.

“So, there we were walking into to town for the evening and <Cousin’s Name> had to reach down and pull up her panties.  Them ol’ wartime panties didn’t have no elastic to speak of.”

Wartime panties, indeed.  Fall down in the slightest breeze, do they?  Hmmm….


Posted October 1, 2015 by Drunken Bunny in Made Me Laugh

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