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Swindon Buckfastathon

Headed out towards the Red Lion in Baydon on foot because I had a warm invitation from a trio of hashers but on the way found the roads tied up with the Swindon Half Marathon, which started earlier than I thought it would.  Oh, well…there were other spectators there so I watched the procession for a while and enjoyed my wee bottle of Buckfast (no, really, I did…this stuff isn’t half bad).

2015-10-11 Sunday loop turnaround at SwiHalfMar

It’s just as well: I’m not going to any pubs I’ve previously visited until this year’s Holiday Running Streak is finished and was just making this one exception due to the friendly invitation.  Home earlier than planned, I watched the Cubs mercilessly beat the Cardinals in the NLDS game (Series tied 1-1), had the first Sunday roast of the Autumn, and cleared out the old shoes…the lower pair have close to 1500 miles on them:

2015-10-11 shoes clearout


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