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Gibson's Swindon

The newest bar in Old Town is Gibson’s on Victoria Road, a fairly straightforward (and brightly lit) watering hole that may or may not be serving up Greek treats in the near future.

I had a perfectly presented (and perfect) Wadworth 6X and took my glass to the seat in the storefront window. The venue was either a salon or a vintage furniture store just a few months ago and, much earlier, Richard Jeffries‘ house from 1875-77 where he wrote and published Restless Human Hearts, a novel decades ahead of its time (and place).

The bartender appeared beside me and slid a tray of peanuts my way before returning to the other punter (it was fairly early, yet) and putting on a CD of standards by Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong who are still decades ahead of the game.

Watching the post work foot traffic with a beer and some peanuts, Ella singing in my ear, and the threat of mezza appearing from the kitchen are more than most of us have ever earned.


Gibson's Swindon bar





Posted October 15, 2015 by Drunken Bunny in Pubs

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