Monthly Run Review — October 2015   2 comments

October Run Chart


Last month here, and next month here.

Recovery from the US trip was the first agenda item for this month but without any focus the runs have been more for pleasure and a LOT shorter. Moreover, with the time change from BST to GMT a week ago, evening runs are now all under cover of darkness and soon even the morning trots will be. Winter sucks and the daylight won’t last as long as today (1 November) until the 10th of February. Seasonal affective disorder is the order of the day.

Days run: 28 out of 31
Average, μ_all (over 31 days): 5.17
Average, μ (28 days actually run): 5.72
Standard deviation, σ: 1.76
Runs longer than μ + 2σ (9.24):  11.1 miles on Sunday 11th October
G-Hads: 1 (7 October)

Total for the month was 160 miles (lowest since January) with 2072 for the year.


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