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Ferndale Swindon sign

It was a ghost town save for two lost souls throwing darts.  One of these was my bartender and the other one would have been if I came on a day he was working.  I haven’t been in here in the 3 years since my membership in the old Ferndale Working Men’s Club lapsed and expected it to be at least as busy as the slowest visit I ever made (when only half the tables were occupied).

Ferndale Swindon ghost town


It is now known merely as the Ferndale Club and is an actual pub…no membership required.  They still keep a good pint of Doom Bar at a reasonable price and I think the skittles alley is still out around the side.  Maybe I was just too early or possibly the shitty music on the telly was driving the others away.  If you didn’t catch it as the WMC, here’s the map as a proper pub.

Ferndale Swindon Doom Bar



Posted November 5, 2015 by Drunken Bunny in Pubs

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