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Boot London sign

There were four pubs scouted for the post-rally drinking for the Socialist Party outing Saturday night, but we were really only up for one having downed a bottle of wine just before the afternoon sessions at a Viet Namese restaurant (wondering if they were bothered by all the radical leftist literature we had spread out around the pho bowls) and were heading off to a Cambodian place for dinner, shortly, where another bottle or two would be sacrificed.  The Boot was the closest to the hotel and the least crowded when we arrived, so we gave it a go.

Boot London bar

Really nice pub, this one.  Reasonably priced pints, friendly hosts (one of whom was celebrating her birthday and was piss drunk and veering between maudlin and giddy several times per minute), and a shitload of Irish sporting memorabilia on the walls (hurling sticks, fer gawd’s sake).  It was also the centre of the Gordon Riots detailed in Barnaby Rudge by Dickens.

Easier to find in the daylight, here’s a map.


Boot London



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