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2015-11-07 Socialism 2015 rally 1

We went to Socialism 2015 this weekend having missed the meetings in 2014 (links here to write-ups for 2013 and 2012).

I was much more impressed by the quality of the discussions this year than in the past and the new converts (those wild-eyed and fervent new devotees that shout chapter and verse of Das Kapital through cupped — but uncalloused — hands) seemed to defer to the more experienced (but no less ardent) membership.

I caught good sessions on State Surveillance, another that turned into a lively discussion on exiting the European Union, and a third on press bias especially in the BBC.  The rallies were pretty good although I would expect less reading of speeches (I saw Bob Crow speak off-the-cuff a few years back and it was passionate and funny and real…these readings seemed fairly canned, even those that could have been fine rhetorical efforts put forth by Paul Murphy and Helen Pattison, 3rd and 2nd from the left, above).

I’m still not joining.  It’s not the Groucho Marx thing about not joining a club that would accept me.  Nor was I put off by the oppressively Stalinist architecture of the venue (below).  I’m just not going to get baptized into a faith I don’t have 100% belief in especially when my behaviour will certainly, sooner-or-later, get me excommunicated.

Institute of Education UCL


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