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Joe Meek plaque 304 Holloway Rd

It was dark out but early Sunday mornings were always the best time to explore London’s shittier neighbourhoods in the past so I headed out ½ hour before civil twilight expecting streets deserted save for the normal weekend splatter of half digested kebabs on the pavements.

Instead, the town was still fairly lively over much of the route.  There were hordes of the mentally ill talking to themselves (often very loudly and overly animated) and standing in the streets literally trying to start fights with oncoming buses.  On top of that, there were drunks and drugged partiers everywhere as well as the simply homeless trying to sleep on those asocial benches with the ridges and armrests to prevent you from stretching out.

It occurred to me that the implementation of 24 hour drinking times allows a lot of this to be hidden in plain sight.  Follow me: you call to report that some poor sod is yelling that lizard men have stolen his pants and the police dispatcher can just say it is probably just a party gone very wrong (or, right).  Nothing is done and you should move to a better neighbourhood and quit wasting the Met‘s time.

2015-11-08 Holloway Run

Anyway, I was on a mission to hit another of my Great London Music Sites, this time the house on Holloway Road where Joe Meek lived, produced some of the most sublime pop music of the 60’s, and then murdered his landlady before turning his gun on himself.  Try to catch the biographical movie, Telstar: The Joe Meek Story (well worth the time involved).  The ground floor is now an all-night grocery and off-license.

2015-11-08 famous cock

The run continued into the East End where the hoodlums seemed a bit more threatening (and, again, what are they doing out of bed at this time of day?).  Had a nice Beavis and Butthead style laugh at the Famous Cock sign as I headed into Hoxton.

White Rabbit Blue Plaque near Russell Square

Near the Socialism 2015 venue, I spotted two Blue Plaques relevant to the weekends meetings.  One for the spy known as the White Rabbit (a WW2 spy although he was more of a Gestapo foe than a Stalwart against Stalin).  The other was for Dickens’ home nearby (double dip, this one, since the conference purported to fight Dickensian living standards and the Boot Pub features in one of his novels).

Dickens Blue Plaque near Russell Square


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