Town Mills, Andover, Hampshire   2 comments

Town Mills Andover

With the afternoon free after a cancer-treatment follow-up (all clear, at present), I caught the first bus away from the hospital with plans to go for a run wherever it took me. As it took me to Ludgershall and there was a bus to Andover right behind my bus, I opted for that additional one to find some virgin trail. But, first I had a bit of celebrating to do and I popped into the nearest pub to the bus station: the Town Mills.



Town Mills Andover lounge

It looked big and foodie from without but after retrieving a Corvus Stout from the bar I followed the Bob Marley music upstairs to find it is something of a party house with a circle of couches under the heavy timber beams. Like a lot of old pubs, the layout is in snugs but in this case they are each as big as whole saloon bars instead of dinky/intimate rooms.


Town Mills Andover ducks

I watched some lads on a lunch break shoot pool then spotted a horde of ducks in the mill-race that runs under the building. I see this a lot around the canals: ducks on what is essentially the watery treadmill…getting into beach body shape, I reckon.

Pub map here.

Town Mills Andover beer garden



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