Cider With Rosie Run, Gloucestershire   4 comments

It was rainy & cold, the start of the steeple chase horse racing season at Cheltenham meant the trains were packed like Tokyo’s at rush hour, and I had a bad case of Not-Giving-A-Fuck-itis, but somehow the run became a reality.  In fact, it was one of the better short runs of the year, so far, due in large part to three fantastic pubs on the route:

Cider With Rosie Run


I started planning the run with a search for pubs on Google Maps and found the Royal Oak in Painswick convenient for a wee loop.  But, I’ve been screwed by Google’s wrong opening times before so thought I should double-check with the pub website:


Royal Oak Painswick Google map hours


However, the pub’s website has returned this error on every PC I’ve tried it on for the last 3 days (not an especially good sign):


Royal Oak Painswick website

A bit more like the website for the Royal Pain in Oakswick


An unofficial FaceBook page (the landlord seemed pissed off that one even exists is how unofficial it is),, shows 12:00 as the opening time as does the Food and Drink Guide entry (a bit late for my loop, pub stops, and train schedule); CAMRA’s WhatPub site can be a source of good information if the local branch responsible for the entries bothers to update the site (I’ve been burnt by them more than once), but since this one show’s yet another opening time I just couldn’t be certain:


Royal Oak Painswick 'WhatPub' hours

The other sites say it is closed on Sunday, so trust this one when it says ‘no food on Sunday.’


So, I took a chance.  The plan was to arrive in Stroud at 10:45, change to running kit and head up to the Royal Oak, 3½ miles up the road.  I’d be there a few minutes before the 11:30 opening time and might even be the first customer for the 11:00 opening time.  [As it turned out, BTW, I got away from the station at 11 and pulled into Painswick, one of my favourite Cotswold villages, almost dead-on 11:30 and found the bar open and the affable Chef/Landlord ready to pour and chat…more in the pub write-up, later.]

Regardless, a quick pint and a look around preceded another couple of miles down-and-up the valley to the Woolpack in Slad (which opened at noon) and then a 2¼ mile dash downhill to the Golden Fleece in Stroud.  The rain wasn’t awful and the landscape was, as always, stunning…which may have been what caused this driver to lose concentration on the road sometime a few days ago:

2015-11-14 car not quite on the A46 Stroud to Painswick




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