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Golden Fleece Stroud sign

The Golden Fleece was hidden off the direct path back to the train station but I had time at the end of the run and sought out what was rumoured to be a truly spectacular jazz bar.  Stripped down and inelegant (as a live music venue is wont to be), it lived up to all I could have expected for an early afternoon beer stop — no telly, good selection of beer, and a challenging selection of jazz from across the entire spectrum playing over the canned music system.

Golden Fleece Stroud bar

There were only a few other punters in the house when I arrived and all already engaged in whatever-it-was they were thus engaged, so I took up residence in a small room by the window and fire.  Stripping off my wet clothes and quickly replacing them with dry kit, I settled in to reading the schedule of acts for the next month: something live every night of the week!  Exciting for our next overnight visit to town (and would have been a nice place to wind down after the most recent one, had it been open then).

Golden Fleece Stroud room

Oh, the old sign across the front is the original from Stroud Brewery at the turn of the last century:

Golden Fleece Stroud


and I found this one on their Facebook page (which I think would be a better pub sign than the one they’ve got, now):


Golden Fleece logo


Find it here.



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