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Woolpack Slad sign

In the interest of disclosure, I have neither read nor seen a dramatic adaptation of Cider With Rosie  (nor, indeed, anything by Laurie Lee).  However, since our first trip to Stroud every visit prompts some native or another to ask if I was out to do the Laurie Lee trail or to indulge in a little CWR related tourism.  Today was the day to meet the requisite minimum effort by stopping off for a drink at Mr. Lee’s local, the Woolpack in Slad.


Woolpack Slad house cider

Cold and wet, I opted for something dry and treated myself to the house cider — an astringent and fragrant brew named for the most famous of the LL books.  “I hope it isn’t to much of a tourist cliché to order this,” I offered the bartender but soon found myself parked next to a shitpot load of real-or-imagined memorabilia.


Woolpack Slad Laurie Lee


Great house, this one.  Sixteenth-century building and full of character and characters.  Two tables were reserved for a lunch crowd and the drinking contingent were forced to double up with strangers.  I heard one fellow in the other room ask if he could share a table and was answered with, “of course, don’t be silly, as long as you don’t mind the spitting or foul language or odours,” in an almost cartoonish West-country accent.

I’d catch snippets of their double act over my own surreal conversation with a Cheltenham cyclist out to escape the horse racing crowds in his town, and only on leaving (train to catch miles away, y’know) could have kicked myself for not turning on the digital recorder.  Such is life.

Worth finding (it’s here).

Woolpack Slad



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