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Beerd Oxford sign

I used to complain about the Grapes, but it was always meant with love.  Sometime before the 2014 update, it was taken over by Bath Ales and saved from a fate worse than being turned into housing.  Sometime since then it was renamed Beerd.

Cutesy renaming and removal of one of the better pub signs in town notwithstanding, nothing much has changed.  It still seems to have the same number of handpumps but the pressurised taps all seem to be Bath or guest lagers (or lager/IPA hybrids).  The menu has been scaled back to mostly pizza, which is a shame.  Essentially, it’s just the Grapes with (even) higher prices.

But, Bath Ales are usually sublime and if the claim is that the changes are substantial I wanted (no, needed) to make my own evaluation.  I tried my first Dark Side, which was named ironically enough (given the theme of this write-up), and found it bland, appropriately enough (given the theme, etc) and undeserving of the designation ‘stout.’

But, the place, as always, was busy: the four young lads, seen below, at the bar were part of a group of roughly 20 other old farts on a lunch time ale trail and who were taking up every seat from the front door right back to the cubby I sat in at the back corner.

It’s here, if you must.

Beerd Oxford dudes


Posted November 26, 2015 by Drunken Bunny in Pubs

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  1. If my meagre readership acting on a poor review herein is responsible for your pub closing then you had worse problems than I spotted:

    jackass comment

    Suspecting our Richard Jameson with the jamesdixiedixon email is probably James Dixon, General Manager-Beerd, 01865 793380,


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