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TG dinner settling


Day started with the Holiday Run Streak followed by champagne whilst cooking a sweet potato pie with almond crust.  The Georgian Guinea Fowl required port but only 1/3 of the bottle so we split another third for the cooking effort.  It is Georgian like the Regency, not like Shevardnadze or Gone With the Wind, by the way.

Georgia Guinea Fowl:

Brown 2 Guineas in butter and put in a casserole in which they barely fit.  Sweat some shallots in the butter/guinea fat and once they start to caramelize throw in some chopped garlic for a minute or so then pour over the birds.  Add a handful of black grapes per bird and a handful of toasted and crushed hazelnuts.  Thirty minutes earlier, you will have put a half cup of raisins into some tea and brought them to the boil then set aside to plump up in the tea…pour this over the birds, too, then add the ruby port.  Cover tightly and put in an oven pre-heated to full whack for 15 minutes then lower to 180°C for another hour (uncover the last 15 minutes).  Midway through, crush the grapes with the back of your wooden spoon.  Pour off the sauce and reduce till thick, then add the solid bits.  Top the birds with some fresh parsley and more toasted/crushed hazelnuts.  Served with steamed winter greens, asparagus, and Georgian style cornbread dressing (this time Georgian like Ray Charles and R.E.M.).

TG dinner Georgian Guinea Fowl


After dinner, we went to the cinema to see a live simulcast of The Winter’s Tale broadcast from the Garrick Theatre.  Wonderful…Kenneth Branagh and Judy Dench were good, but the Branagh Theatre Company is fantastic.  I believe they are doing this for American cinemas in January, should any of you lot over there be interested.


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